Are Your Portfolio Companies Ready to Raise?

When you invest in a company – you want to see them go all the way. It’s about the funds they’ll raise, the partnerships they’ll establish and the deals they’ll close that will bring them closer to a 10X. The #1 time suck that Founders say they encounter is working on their decks. Not every entrepreneur is a born storyteller and even the skilled ones struggle to tell their story in a powerful way that drives to results. Shouldn’t their time be better used on growing their company and perfecting their product? More and more investors are realizing the importance of storytelling and hiring consultants or in-house experts to help their CEO’s sharpen their stories.

For the past 15 years I’ve worked with, VC’s, Founders and Silicon Valley Giants helping them create the story that wins. My clients have raised upwards of $500M in total. Let me bring my magic touch to your portfolio.

The way I can provide value to you and your companies:

Investor/Sales/Partnership Decks – Whether it’s raising the next Round or closing the next big client,  a couple of hours with me is all they need for a deck that gets the meetings and the investment.

The Ultimate Video Course – Provide your companies with access to a DIY course where I will guide them step by step to create a winning investor deck, sales deck, elevator pitch, email blurb + the secrets of great pitches.

Great Deal Flow – I meet 5-25 new companies each week from all around the globe and help them create powerful pitches. Happy to learn your sweet spots and pass them on to you

My Clients Say

Sometimes you meet people which are simply outstanding at what they do. My partner and I came to Donna last minute and literally had 2 hours to build a story, plan a presentation and rehearse. Admittedly, we were skeptical as to the progress we would be able to make in such a short time frame. Donna demonstrated not only that this is possible but also enjoyable! Donna’s ability to understand a situation and translate it into a story that is interesting, engaging and to the point is truly inspiring.

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I have seen several startups present before and after working with Donna, and the difference was unmistakable. Donna knows how to turn an ordinary presentation into a compelling story which is focused on key selling points. And no less important, working with her is always a pleasure

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In the dynamic and fast moving startup world where entrepreneurs have to be focused, concise and imaginative, Donna is a breath of fresh air to the geeks :). She coaches with grace, creativity and smile. She is the champion of so many of Israel's greatest entrepreneurs and was extremely helpful to the startup teams I brought to showcase in Silicon Valley. If you need to deliver a mind blowing story of your product, polish your speaking skills or simply communicate your value in under 30 seconds..She is the one you pick!

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Donna I've seen totally transform companies by sharpening their message and enabling them to empower - themselves... I've seen her in action for many years both in NY and Israel. She rocks. You need her.

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You've founded a great company, you believe you've found the next big thing. This is all great, but if you don't tell your story in the most effective way - you'll get lost in the crowd. This is how I got to know Donna. Donna is an awesome Corporate Storyteller. Donna helps our portfolio companies put their vision into a crisp story. Great partner to work with, and I highly recommended mainly for first-timers and early start-ups.

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Roy OronRoy OronCEO (Global) at SOSA

Several of my portfolio companies. o several occasions, have been assisted by Donna, in refining their message, polishing presentation and presentational skills, If I can summarize Donna's contribution in a nut shell - Marketing material wise, our companies, having gone the revisions she recommended, went from "another one" to "the one standing out".

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