With Remote Meetings as the New Normal, Your Company’s Messages Matters More Than EVER! Turn Your Employees into Power Presenters!

Remote Work has changed EVERYTHING! Suddenly, your Sales Team must engage leads and close deals remotely, managers are wrangling team meetings across multiple time zones, and everyone is “Zooming Out” from boring, dull messages.

Companies that adapt their messages will win, others will simply fade away.

You cannot afford for your company’s messages to be less than perfect!

In just one session, see the difference in their presentations!!!

Learn how to apply the simple principles of the age-old art of storytelling to your messages to win the trust, the hearts and the minds of your audience, ESPECIALLY when you’re not in the same room with them!

Donna Griffit, a Corporate Storyteller of over 15 years, will talk about the winning ingredients of a brief, powerful story for any type of presented or written message and the best practices for remote presenting. Participants will emerge with a simple, yet powerful tool to create stories of many formats, repeatable with any type of content for any medium.

In this workshop participants will learn:

1) The secrets of Storytelling and how to incorporate them instantly into ANY message: Sales, product updates, even emails!

2) The magic ingredient for persuasion and call to action in any message – written or presented

3) A surefire formula for creating winning presentations to any stakeholder – inside or outside your organization

4) How to create better engagement in remote presentations using voice and facial expressions and best practices for video conferencing

Bonus:  A few participants will get the opportunity to practice what they learned and get on the spot coaching from Donna.

Length – 1.5 Hours – 3 hours (Customized to your organization’s needs)

Audiences – Organizations of all sizes, teams within organizations who want to improve the remote messaging abilities of their employees, at all levels.

Don’t get left behind in the new age of communicating! Schedule a free consultation call today and take your organization to the next level!

Clients Say

Donna gave a training for our entire company as part of our International Women’s Day. It was engaging, enlightening, practical and fun. It was great to see so many different levels of employees connecting to the material and engaging with each other and with Donna. She's a dynamic, humorous and knowledgeable presenter who's a true expert in her realm. Highly recommend for any organization both for professional training and empowerment!

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Maya RamMaya RamHead of Talent, BlueVine

I have a confession to make. I had a last minute presentation to make, so my intention was to listen in and get some work done at the same time. Your workshop was so engaging I got nothing done and am now way behind, clear evidence that your methods work.

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Craig Condon SiegalCraig Condon SiegalDirector, Sales Enablement at Taboola

Donna gave a Storytelling training for our Sales, Marketing & CS teams on how to get our messages across in the most effective way possible. We all found this training session to be extremely insightful, with clear takeaways we could each apply in our specific role. Donna brings a lot of experience, positive energy and teaches the room by providing relatable examples turning theoretical topics into daily practices. I highly recommend signing up for one of Donna's amazing workshops to enhance your storytelling and communication skills.

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Peleg IsraeliPeleg IsraeliChief Revenue Officer at Bidalgo

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