Do I really need a storyteller to work on my Investor materials or can I do it myself?

Omer Perchik, CEO and Founder of, who has raised several million dollars and grown a very successful company chimed in and said: “The ability to tell a story is crucial for every business, but not every entrepreneur has the ability to do it flawlessly from the get go. There are those that it comes more naturally to (Like Steve Jobs) and there are those that need more help and practice.” So are people born storytellers? Can they do it on their own or do they need the help of an actual storyteller? I think both hold true – on the one hand storytelling is ingrained in our DNA and we’ve been doing it for centuries. On the other hand, I’ve seen great startups struggle for way too long to tell their story because, well, it’s hard to talk about our own baby simply and to the point. I personally wouldn’t waste the time or energy preparing taxes on my own – I pay an Accountant. When it comes to a legal issue – if it’s complex I hire a lawyer. I value my time and their expertise. But it’s all a matter of time and priorities. Talk to me to learn more 🙂