How can I create a demo without spending a lot of money?

If you’ve already invested in a product film (Which shouldn’t be more that 60 seconds) take the part that shows the demo of your product – 20-30 seconds and instead of the voice over talking, you talk it through. If you don’t have the resources to invest in a Product film, you can create a product demo by capturing your screen. A popular, free and fairly easy to use tool is Camtasiaor if you have a Mac Screenflow. If you have an IOS app you can use Reflectorto stream onto your screen and then record it. (Note – they recently released an Android version but I haven’t seen it in action yet – worth a try!) If you have an Android App, from Lollipop and up there’s a Cast screen feature that let’s you broadcast on any screen. If you are really in a pinch or don’t have a launched product or prototype yet, you can put together a series of screenshots to tell the story. You might want to point out and highlight the features that you discuss. Make sure they look good! Shoddy screenshots=shoddy product in the investors’ eyes. Try InVision – a great prototyping tool that let’s you create great looking screenshots to display as a demo.