How do I prep for Investor Q&A?

Make an Extensive Question List – List all the questions you’ve been asked, you are pretty certain you will be asked and that you dread being asked (i.e. Exit Strategy, Technological Barriers, Competition, etc.). Make a shared Google Drive document with your team and keep adding questions as they come up.

  • Categorize the Questions – Group questions by topic – Financials, Marketing, Team, Technology, etc. to make it easier to reference them.
  • Answer the Questions – Write down answers to all of the questions until you feel comfortable answering them. No need to memorize them, just familiarize yourself with them.
  • Review Before the Pitch – Just like you’d be looking over your pitch before a big event or meeting, look over your Q & A. No need to memorize the answers, just know them well enough that it feels very natural to discuss difficult topics.