Should I use complex and technical language to impress investors and show that I know what I’m talking about?

Sometimes Founders think that the more high level and jargony their language is, the smarter and more successful they will seem. There have even been those that have said to me: “Any investor that doesn’t get it, we’re not interested in meeting.” Au Contraire, Mon Frere – that couldn’t be further from the truth. Let me make something clear – It is solely your responsibility to make sure that EVERYONE in the room “gets” it, regardless of their background or education. The thing is – when an Investor or anyone listening doesn’t “get” what you’re saying, they will disconnect, disengage and disregard. Most likely, your engagement will end there. Being able to explain your solution simply is harder than rocket science. But so rewarding. You want every person in the room with a spark in their eyes, nodding in agreement. When they get it, they can focus on the important things like your market, your traction and how likable you are. (Yes, that counts for a lot)