What is Growth Hacking and How do I do it?

Growth Hacking has become a popular buzzword, and like many other buzzwords, it’s important to know what’s behind the buzz so that you can provide investors with an in-depth picture of the strategy. Monica O’Hara of DataScore, Growth Hacker Extraordinaire shares her favorite tip:
Finding smart avenues of growth all begins with brainstorming where your target customer ‘hangs out’ online. Do they read certain websites? Are they active on any social media channels or forums? Once you identify where they are, you can put a plan together about how to engage with them. There are some tools out there like ListBuilder.io (LINK) that can help speed up your outreach process. ***
ListBuilder.io is one of our growth hacking tools that helps speed up the collection of email addresses, twitter handles, and other contact information with just a few clicks.