What should I have in a 5 min or Demo Day pitch?

A 5 minute pitch is usually done for a Demo Day or competition. It’s not about squeezing all of your Investor deck into 5 min, it’s telling a story and giving a memorable show in 5 minutes. It might seem like a daunting task but if you get all the ingredients right you’ll hold a powerful tool in your hand. The flow you should have – 1) Introduce yourself, your company and your brief “vision statement.” (~10 secs) 2) Tell the story of the problem (~30-60 secs) 3) Give a “simple solution statement” (we do X for Y by Z – ~10 sec) 4) Show a powerful demo that highlights around 4 key features (~45 – 60 secs) 5) Current status and achievements (~20 secs) 6) Discuss 3 main aspects of the business: Differentiation (from your competition), Monetization and Market Trends and Opportunity (Why us, why now?) (~1 min) 7) Team (what assets do they bring to the table) (~20 secs) 8) Inspiring Ending (end of the opening story, quote, future directions, bigger vision, etc.). (~20 secs) If it’s appropriate – what you’re asking for.