What’s a Send Out Deck and what should be on it?

You should NEVER send out your full deck to either audience. Ok, never say never, but please don’t. Here are the Guidelines:

  • Whittle Down the Deck – Choose 5-8 ESSENTIAL slides to send out – don’t give away everything but intrigue them enough to see that they NEED a meeting with you. (Possible choice for Investor Deck: 1) Problem 2) Solution 3) Traction 4) Market 5) Competition 6) Biz Model 7) Team 8) Ask)
  • Add Some Text – While a presented deck should keep words to a minimum because you are there to explain, you must add some text to the slides so they can read a bit and understand a bit more
  • PDF It! – Do not let any documents related to your startup out of your computer without PDF’ing first. I’m not saying that a PDF makes it foolproof, but at least you know it’s keeping its format and it will be harder to copy paste chunks