What’s the most important part of an Investor Deck?

My answer might surprise you…Here’s a tough revelation, and I’m telling you because I really care – NOBODY CARES ABOUT OUR PRODUCT/SOLUTION/TECHNOLOGY – unless you can first prove WHY they need it in their lives. I’ve met hundreds of companies over the years, working on their sales or fundraising materials and almost every time they start off by telling me about their product/solution/technology, why it’s great, why it will change the world and proceed to launch into details of the technology. I sit there smiling politely, thinking “Why should I care???” If I was feeling this way imagine what the investors/customers/partners that had to listen to their ramblings were thinking? People are motivated by 2 things:

  • To avoid something bad happening
  • To make something good happen

It’s the carrot vs. the stick. When telling your story, start off by hitting them where it hurts – the problem! What’s missing in their lives (or the lives of your audience)? What might happen if they don’t take measures? What won’t they be able to live without, etc. They will be so anxious for a solution that they’ll be dying to hear your solution!